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Alabama Motorcycle License

So you just purchased a new motorcycle? Looking into the transition from four wheels to two wheels will require you few things to learn before applying for a motorcycle driver’s license or seeking an endorsement in Alabama. To begin with, select from the options below so we could get started.

1. Online application and Checklist download

2. By mail, if applicable


Report to your local DMV office to apply in person


Getting A New Alabama Motorcycle License

Driving a motorcycle is much different than driving your four wheels vehicle. That is why, getting your motorcycle driver’s license can make you feel so excited. To start with, the first thing that you need to do before you can drive your motorcycle in the roads of Alabama is to have a state certification and a motorcycle insurance.

Next step, you will need to head on to the DMV and bring with you a complete set of requirements needed for your license application. These requirement will depend on the number of factors involved such as your age and whether or not you already have a certified Alabama driver’s license.

You need to ensure that you have completed every requirement needed so you are able to carefully follow all the necessary steps in order to obtain your motorcycle license.

(To help you save your time in researching for other requirements needed and cost, you may download your specific Motorcycle License Easy Guide NOW!)


Renewing Your Alabama Motorcycle Driver’s License

As one rule in the State of Alabama, you are requested to renew your motorcycle license every four (4) years not unless you are qualified for Alabama’s safe driver program. This qualification is valid for six (6) years. Note that your motorcycle license will expire on your birthday. However, this can be renewed any time before it expires.

In the State of Alabama, you are given the privilege to renew your license either by online, by phone, by mail and better if in person at the local DMV office near you.

This privilege can be enjoyed as long as the information in your license has not been changed, revoked or suspended and provided that you have with you a social security number that has been verified by the DHMV. That is the reason why you need to check the renew notice first that you will be receiving in your mail. This will indicate several options that are made available for you.

If you wish to renew your Alabama motorcycle license in person and  make an appointment with your local DMV (especially when you need to retake a written knowledge test) you are free to visit to check the  full list of DMV locations in Alabama.

Upon your visit, you are requested to bring along with you a valid identification and a form of payment for renewal fees. To view the full checklist and guide in renewing your motorcycle license, please visit


Replacing Your Lost or Stolen Motorcycle License

If your motorcycle driver’s license is lost, stolen or destroyed, you are required to replace your drivers license in person at your local DMV. For list of local DMV offices, feel free to visit

To view full checklist and guide to replace your motorcycle license, you can visit

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